Single Visit Root Canal Treatments


Root Canal Treatment or endodontic treatment is advised in cases where the nerve within the tooth is affected either due to decay, trauma or fracture. As the name suggests, it involves the removal of the damaged or diseased pulp or nerve from the canal of the roots, cleaning and shaping it and subsequently filling the canals with a suitable filling material.

With a change in the manner anesthesia is administered and with modern tools at the disposal of the Dentist, root canal treatment today is absolutely painless and in fact, can be completed in a single visit.

A patient need not go through the trauma and exercise of multiple visits for completion of this treatment. Infection in some earlier root canal treatments done, according to the understanding of science at that point in time, has been observed in the recent years and a Re-root canal treatment with the use of newer technology needs to be carried out for saving the tooth. Expert Endodontists at Smile Care specialize in such techniques.

After removal of all decay, if the remaining tooth structure is not adequate, an additional support from the root canal treated root via a post is sought. A final cap or crown placed on a root canal treated tooth for higher success rate.

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