Painless wisdom teeth removal/treatment in dhanori

They usually erupt between the ages of 18 and 30 and can cause a number of problems which may result in the extraction of the teeth. This prospect can be very alarming to some patients, especially if they have a fear of the dentists. We practice Sedation Dentistry, which is the most advanced in its field, and allows our patients to have a relaxed, carefree dental experience. With Sedation Dentistry, your wisdom teeth problems can be diagnosed and treated painlessly in a calm environment in the care of your trusted dentist.

The area in your mouth, including the teeth, gums and surrounding tissue, is numbed with the use of a local anaesthetic. This means that as the patient you won’t feel any pain during the entire extraction procedure and for a period following it either. Furthermore, some patients can choose to have sedation via IV.This will then allow the dentist to pull the tooth, or in some cases, cut the tooth into smaller pieces for easy pulling.
As their wisdom teeth erupt, one of the major issues patients complain of, in addition to the pain, is swelling. This is not caused by the tooth but by infection in the gum overlying the tooth. If the wisdom tooth is only partially covered by the gum, food particles can get trapped, and the resulting infection can be very painful. The jaw can become swollen and, in some instances, abscesses can develop and release pus. This is all very unpleasant and needs to be examined and treated by your dentist. If your jaw is very swollen, and it is too painful to open your mouth, we would prescribe a course of antibiotics and suggest you gargle with hot water and salt to keep the area clean. Once the pain has subsided, you will need a full diagnosis.